[DOWNLOAD] Wish I Was In Love (2019)

Some of you out there might remember “Wish I Was In Love” from our album “For Lovers Only”. The version on that album was actually a demo recorded in Mary’s bedroom in Chapel Hill. We hung a mic from the ceiling fixture and hit play/rec on the cassette deck (a Tascam Porta One actually). We never expected to do much with it.

A few years later while finishing up “For Lovers Only”, we realized there was no real love song on the album — well, not in the traditional “my heart is broken” sense. Not that “Biscuit Eater” and “Daddy Was A Preacher But Mama Was A Go-Go Girl” were not full of love, but we needed something melancholy in a wishing/wistful sort of way to flesh out the album. Mary remembered "Wish I Was In Love” from a few years before and insisted I look thru the shoebox of old demo cassettes and sure enough, there it was. So it became the last song added to “For Lovers Only” in all it’s lo-fi glory.

Mary has always wanted to re-record this song and release it for Valentines Day. We finally got around to it!!

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