Stryper Coffee

Stryper has teamed with Larry's Coffee to bring you two exclusive offerings.  This whole bean coffee comes in two distinct roasts:

  • Heavenly Roast: a dark roast, great for your everyday cup of joe.  Sustainably sourced from Bolivia.  Mellow and earthy.
  • Espresso Roast: for the serious coffee drinker.  Dark, chocolately, and smooth.  A blend of Nicaragua, Sumatran, and Ethiopian organic beans.  (This is Michael's fave!) 

Beans are freshly roasted.  Look for the "roasted on" date on the packaging.

In addition to getting great coffee, you are purchasing a premium gourmet product that is produced by a company that is Eco-Friendly and Fair-Trade Certified.  Take a moment to click the links and learn more.

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