Dale Murphy Hall of Fame '20 Three Sticker Pack

Dale Murphy belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Get your MURPHY HOF ‘20 sticker pack  (available exclusively in the “Thanks Bobby! Online Store”) and help spread the word!

Let’s ask the Modern Era Committee to select Dale Murphy at their 2019 meeting and induct The Murph in 2020!

Murphy was among baseball's most feared hitters during the 1980s.

Dale Murphy hit more Home Runs than Stan Musial, had more RBI titles than Willie Mays, more Gold Gloves and Home Runs than Jim Rice, and first ballot inductee Al Kaline hit just one more.

Murphy is a shining example of integrity for all of baseball,  with first-ballot character in a time when many players turned to PEDs to artificially boost their numbers.

Dale Murphy helped create the success of MLB on cable television. Millions watched the "America's Team" Atlanta Braves nightly on Superstation WTBS because Murphy provided a one-man show with his team leadership, power bat, on-base ability, speed, and rocket arm.

Murphy earned back-to-back MVP Awards in 1982 and 1983.

It’s time to enshrine Dale Murphy in Cooperstown. #DaleMurpyHOF20

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