Ink, Dust, and Luck CD/Vinyl Bundle

This bundle contains:

  • Ink 10" vinyl EP
  • Dust 10" vinyl EP
  • Ink, Dust, and Luck CD
  • instant download of all tracks (NOTE: Your download comes as a ZIP file, which may not download directly to a smart phone or tablet. We recommend downloading to a laptop or desktop computer to access your files, which can then be added to your mobile devices.)

Track Listing

Dust Side A:

  1. These Ways
  2. Already Ready

Dust Side B:

  1. As the Crow Flies
  2. Grandpappy

Ink Side A:

  1. Don't Make Me Get Up and Go
  2. Cedarwood Pines

Ink Side B:

  1. Get Me Home
  2. Joshua Tree

Ink, Dust, & Luck CD:

  1. Don't Make Me Get Up and Go
  2. Already Ready
  3. Sugar Please
  4. As the Crow Flies
  5. Cedarwood Pines
  6. These Ways
  7. Love By Degrees
  8. Grandpappy
  9. Get Me Home
  10. Joshua Tree