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(2010) A little Paul Simon, Zimbabwe’s Oliver Mtukudzi, and Roots Reggae have most definitely played a role in shaping the origins of this band. Here is their first self produced release. “Afrobeat and jazz influences mingle with energetic drumming and quick-witted Caribbean references that make The Hip Abduction all the more enjoyable. It’s very easy for bands who attempt to replicate the much-pretended but rarely achieved “world” sound to fall into unlistenable cacophony, but The Hip Abduction successfully avoids that danger. Though billed as highly influenced by global music, The Hip Abduction’s Home Again is most definitely Caribbean in its flavor and tempos. The band’s name indicates the desire and tendency of the music to get you grooving, and its something that’s hard to resist.

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Track Listing

  1. Home Again
  2. Sacred Life
  3. Letter to the Heavens
  4. Save Your Love
  5. We are Kings
  6. Hold On
  7. Moon Shine