The Hip Abduction LP

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Album review: These Floridians are fucking Monsters. I am so glad I got to review this album and let me tell you why… The Hip Abduction mashes styles influenced by pioneers of African and Island music and adds hints of blues and pop to create a unique and original sound. These guys have mad chops on traditional instruments, as well as African folk instruments that you seldom hear used, let alone in Reggae.

The vocals, instrumentation, tone, warmth, song writing & production are all top notch in my opinion. I may sound like I am gushing over here, but honestly I was not expecting this kind of album when it hit my inbox for review. This band has managed to take all of my favorite styles of music and bring them together in such an impressive way. I hear Fela Kuti, Little Axe, Thievery Corporation, Amadou and Mariam, Paul Simon and the obvious huge Reggae influence. Starting off with “Children of the Sun”, there is no mistaken The Hip Abduction is a unique band with a sound of their own. The driving, catchy minor chord Reggae tune features great vocals, horns and the West African instrument, the Kora. “Holiday”, quickly takes a right turn and lands in Graceland – Paul Simon’s Graceland. Right when I heard the intro to “Hideaway” and the “Yaga Yo” of one of my favorite Dancehall Singers of all time, namely Anthony B, I was blown away. Not really by the song in particular, but by the caliber of every part of this album including its guests.

When I heard “Breathless”, I was hooked. I love Afro Beat and THA nails this song. The Baritone is so proper, the organ tone is straight out of the kali kuti republic and then Bam! – The nod to the Fela Kuti Classic Zombie. What I can appreciate so much about THA is they are mixing styles with Reggae that very few artists are doing and they are creating something so bad ass in the process. This band to me is retribution – up there with the likes of John Browns Body, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad and Fat Freddy’s Drop. All bands doing the genre justice with expert musicianship, understanding of culture and stylistic elements, providing great music – You can now add THA to that list.

The Hip Abduction’s self-titled release is a mix of Reggae, Afro Pop, blues and pop that is a great listen from start to finish. I absolutely love all the songs and there is something for everyone on this album – from vintage sounding Reggae tunes, beautiful instrumentals, Afro Beat to the blues. You can hear in this recording the talent each musician has and this matched with their pop sensibilities and song writing, makes this a great album.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Children of the Sun
  2. Live it Right
  3. Hideaway (featuring Anthony B)
  4. All Eyes
  5. Holiday
  6. Breathless

Side Two

  1. La Resaca
  2. Golden Sky
  3. Walk Away
  4. Why Say One
  5. Kalapani

Note: the song Elana is not on this vinyl.