C'est La Vie CD

Release Date: May 30th, 2023

C’est La Vie is a bilingual affair whose title track (a Bossa nova original in French) is an ode to fully living each moment, even when you don’t know what the next will bring — timely given that the album was recorded remotely in the pandemic. Unable to travel to her native France, Elizabeth spent time rediscovering early French recordings, so the collection also includes the 1938 gypsy-jazz breezer “J’attendrai” (Dino Olivieri, Louis Poterat), the dark Django Reinhardt ballad “Si Tu Savais” (Georges Ulmer), and “I Wish You Love,” the 1942 standard by Charles Trenet, with English lyrics by Albert Beach. A gospel-inflected “Moon River” came about when Elizabeth and Evan were tapped by director Greg Mottola to contribute music to the Miramax release Confess, Fletch starring Jon Hamm (in which the band also makes an appearance); originals created for the project include the original “Adieu L’amour,” a foray into the sounds of film noir. And “La Vie en Rose” shows up as a hushed duet recorded live with Bob Parins, whose original “Sweet Pea” was a breakout hit off French Fries + Champagne.

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Track Listing

  1. J’attendrai
  2. Moon River
  3. Si Tu Savais
  4. Adieu L’amour
  5. Let’s Go
  6. C’est la Vie
  7. La Vie en Rose
  8. I Wish You Love
  9. Swing of the Hip
  10. Meet Me at the Bottom of the Bottle