MCK Print 4

"Our friend & crew member Megan Baker has been taking pictures of us on the road for more than 10 years. Like so many others, she has just had her work calendar cleared as we all scramble to postpone tour dates. She is selling prints of select shots of us in order to generate income. See our social media accounts to see us reminisce over a decade of touring as she rolls out the photos. In October of 2017 we went down to Nashville to avail ourselves of the vast community of musicians and singers there and make our 4th studio album. It was the first time we’d ever invited other players into our recording process. Having up to 10 other people playing with us at a time was terrifying and extremely inspiring. For some reason we kind of dressed up each day, so here we are in sweater and jacket, having a rare private conversation but also scanning the sky for asteroids. All proceeds going to Megan while we’re all stuck not touring for a while."

Photo measures 8" x 12"

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