The Silos - Cuba - 35th Anniversary 2LP

Hanky Panky Records, 2022.  Originally released in 1987. 

Cuba 35th Anniversary Special Edition with additional LP: The Bird Album Live on KCRW.

"'Cuba' is one of those albums that...has become a kind of talisman among true music fans. Its mention elicits nods of approval and agreement from like-minded souls, and kicks the next phase of the conversation into enthusiastic high gear. When you meet people of taste who are unfamiliar with it, the prospect of turning them onto it becomes a palpable pleasure. Because you know that 'Cuba' exists inside everyone, and this extraordinary album can take you there.” - Anthony DeCurtis, Rolling Stone

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Track Listing

Side A

  1. Tennessee Fire
  2. She Lives Up the Street
  3. For Always
  4. Margaret
  5. Mary's Getting Married

Side B

  1. Memories
  2. Just This Morning
  3. Going Round
  4. It's Alright
  5. All Falls Away

Side C - The Bird Album Live on KCRW

  1. Caroline
  2. Picture of Helen
  3. Commodore Peter
  4. Anyway You Choose Me
  5. I'm Over You

Side D - The Bird Album Live on KCRW 

  1. Tale My Country Back
  2. (We'll Go) Out of Town
  3. Don't Talk That Way
  4. The Only Story I Tell
  5. Porque No
  6. Here's To You