The Silos - Family CD

Released June 21, 2022

Over the decades The Silos have morphed time and time again, expanding and expanding, not only the territory we cover, but the membership in our little community. The band is a Family to me, hence the title of the new album. There are members all over the United States and in parts of Europe. This album was recorded in the Northeast, the Midwest, Texas and Germany, with members from all those regions dropping in on each other’s tracks via our modern technology. - Walter Salas-Humara

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Track Listing

  1. My Favorite Animal
  2. The Right Palace
  3. Dreaming Of Paris
  4. Colorado River
  5. Snow King
  6. The Spanish Man
  7. Rocking And Racing
  8. Dominico Del Vecchio Lane
  9. Puede Ser
  10. Love And Trust And Friends