The Silos - Come On Like the Fast Lane CD (Autographed)

2007 - Bloodshot Records. All CDs are signed by Walter Salas-Humara!

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Come On Like The Fast Lane buzzes with rock energy reminiscent of the proto-punk lower East Side legends like The Velvet Underground and Television, punched up with pop melodies that resuscitates a sound that never went out of style. The songs on Come On Like The Fast Lane play out like minimalist short stories framed by the spacious, guitar-heavy arrangements the band is known for.

First release: April 2006 Blue Rose Records, Germany. US Release: February 2007 Bloodshot Records.

Produced by The Silos. Recorded by Mario J McNulty at Looking Glass. Mixed by Dave McNair at Walnut Crescent. Recording Assistant: Rob Demar. Bonus tracks recorded by Don Piper at Between The Trains and Mixed by Rod Hohl at Harmony. Mastered by Andy Horn at The Red Room and Dave McNair at Unity Mastering NYC.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Drew Glackin, Konrad Meissner, and Rod Hohl.

Cover Art: Chris Kelly. Cover Design: Sheila Sachs.

Track Listing

  1. Behind Me
  2. Fall On Your Knees
  3. Tell Me You Love Me
  4. I Won You Won
  5. Keeping Score
  6. People Are Right
  7. Come On Like The Fast Lane
  8. Top Of The World
  9. Days Gone By
  10. Sunset Morning
  11. Never Leaving