The Silos - Florizona CD

2011 - Sonic Pyramid Records

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The songs on Florizona are sparse in the manner of Raymond Carver short stories, unspoken ellipses like makeshift sutures holding their insides intact. The personas Walter Salas-Humara employs tease at autobiography, which merely creates intermediate levels of narrative. And like the best who’ve come before him -- Lou Reed, Bob Dylan or whoever you'd care to insert here -- his songs and albums function best as installments of a single continuous body of work, much as the details of “Sister Ray” or “Heroin” spill over into Coney Island Baby or Street Hassle, or “Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands” circles around to Desire. Florizona continues in that fine and honorable tradition.

Walter Salas-Humara and the moveable feast of Silos belong in the company of those musicians whose work partakes as heavily of the literary tradition as it does of harmony and rhythm: Lucinda Williams, carrying on the family business from her poet-laureate father Miller Williams; Alejandro Escovedo, as likely to be found these days in theatrical venues as on a concert tour; slumming poets like David Berman of Silver Jews or Stephen Malkmus of Pavement; sweeping historical Pointillists like the Decemberists; or novelist Jonathan Lethem, with whom Salas-Humara has released one album’s worth of songs and spoken-word material under the name I’m Not Jim and is finishing a second.

First release: March 2011 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Rod Hohl and The Silos. Recorded by Don Piper, The Silos, and The Silos Family. Mixed by Mario McNulty. Mastered by Dave McNair.

The Silos: Rod Hohl - Bass, Guitar, Dobro, Lap Steel, and Supporting Voice. Bruce Martin - Keyboards. Konrad Meissner - Drums, Percussion, and Supporting Voice. Walter Salas-Humara - Voice and Guitar. Jason Victor - Guitar

The Silos Family: Amy Allison - Voice on "Coming From The Grave", "Hold You In My Arms", "Teenage Prayer" and "White Vinyl". Michelle Anthony - Keyboards on "Coming From The Grave", "Election Day", "Gravity", "Hold You In My Arms" and "The Ring Of Trees", Supporting Voice on "Teenage Prayer", Siren on "Hold You In My Arms". Sam Bisbee - Mellotron and Supporting Voice on "Election Day". Randy Franklin - Mandolin on "Getting Trashed" and "Hold You In My Arms". Mike Hoffmann - Guitar on "Getting Trashed", Glockenspiel on "White Vinyl". Steve McAllister - Supporting Voice on "Getting Trashed" and "Teenage Prayer". Jeff Muendel - Organ on "Coming From The Grave", "Election Day", "Getting Trashed", "Hold You In My Arms", "The Ring Of Trees" and "Teenage Prayer". Charlie Salas-Humara - Cello on "The Ring Of Trees". Gary Sunshine - Guitar on "You Never Lost The Sunshine". Whit Williams - Guitar on "Hold You In My Arms" and "Teenage Prayer". Dan Wilson - Guitar on "Hold You In My Arms".

Cover Photos by John Eder. Band Photo by Delissa Santos. Drew Photo by Debbie Williams. Package Design by Sheila Sachs.

This album is dedicated to the amazing life, extraordinary times, and everlasting memory of Drew Glackin

Track Listing

  1. Coming From the Grave
  2. On Your Way Home
  3. White Vinyl
  4. Gravity
  5. Teenage Prayer
  6. Hold You In My Arms
  7. Getting Trashed
  8. Election Day
  9. Never Lost the Sunshine
  10. The Ring of Trees