The Silos - Susan Across the Ocean CD

2003 - Sonic Pyramid Records (Orignally released 1994, Watermelon Records)

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Recorded and mixed start to finish in 18 days by a band who had tested the material for months before live audiences, this is the 1993 Silos in all their glory. Mary Rowell had returned on violin and Manuel Verzosa added his effervescent personality, gorgeous voice and dogged work ethic to leader Walter Salas-Humara’s thoughtful songwriting and world weary pipes. This album burns with the hard won integrity of experienced musicians lurching forward through a blinding epiphany of new found purpose and is highlighted by the drop-dead beautiful title cut and bone-crunching rock workouts like Let's Take Some Drugs and Drive Around. And if the original songs weren't enough, the band shows it's impeccable taste by covering songs by Lucinda Williams and Jonathan Richman.

First Release: March 1994 Watermelon Records. Re-release: April 2003 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara. Mixed by Dave McNair at Doug Messenger's and Chateau Relaxeau. Recorded by Sally Browder at Doug Messenger's and Control Center and Dave Bassett at Chateau Relaxeau. Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Mary Rowell, Manuel Verzosa, Daren Hess, Scott Garber and Tom Freund with Joe Simon, Jon Dee Graham, Michael Ward, Greg Asfar, Kevin Salem, Dave McNair, Lisa Mednick, Jeff Muendel, John McKnight and Caitlin Von Schmidt.

Cover Photo: John Eder. Cover Design: Tanya Hotton.

Track Listing

  1. Let's Take Some Drugs And Drive Around
  2. Upside Down Instead
  3. Shaking All Over The Place
  4. Evangeline
  5. All She Wrote
  6. Wanna Ride
  7. Light From the Box
  8. Susan Across The Ocean
  9. Change The Locks
  10. The Sounds Next Door
  11. Letter To Send
  12. Start To Burn
  13. Fallen Angel
  14. Star
  15. I'm Straight
  16. Nothing's Gonna Last