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1998 - Normal Records (Germany)

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Remix album featuring songs from Heater and several music tracks from the Jim Fealy film "I'm Not Jim".

First release: November 1998 Normal Records, Germany.

Cover Art: Rick Butler. Cover Design: Olaf Meyer

Track Listing

  1. Paint a Tiny Portrait (remix of Front Porch by The Elegant Two)
  2. In the Crypt (remix of Eleanora by Rick Butler)
  3. Prizefighter (from the film I'm Not Jim by Jim Fealy)
  4. Knoxville (remix of I Like You by Ryan Hedgecock)
  5. Who I Am (remix of Prison Song by Rick Butler)
  6. Pale Green Pools (from the film I'm Not Jim by Jim Fealy)
  7. There's a Shadow (remix of Thanks a Million by Rick Butler)