The Silos - Laser Beam Next Door Download

2001 - Checkered Past Records

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During two years of extensive touring The Silos created the songs from Laser Beam Next Door. Roadtesting them with audiences, editing and rewriting, the band reduced them to their essence and eschewed all but the core emotional sequences. The band distilled itself to a trio with each member expanding his own repertoire of musical talents while restricting himself to using these talents in service of the lean, mean musical machine The Silos have become. Laser Beam is a "HUGELY ROCKING" album that still maintains The Silos penchant for deep grooves and melodies you find yourself humming throughout the day.

First Release: March 2001 Checkered Past Records. Re-release: April 2004 Sonic Pyramid.

Produced by Walter Salas-Humara. Mixed by Dave McNair at Cowboy Technical Services and Nebulous. Mastered by Jim Wilson at Yes Mastering. Recorded at Dubway, Nebulous, Albert Hall, Hideaway and Big Sky

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Drew Glackin and Konrad Meissner with Arthur Luckower, Marc Benning, Shawn Barton and Anne Tache

Cover Art and Design: Ted Jenkins.

Track Listing

  1. Satisfied
  2. Drunken Moon
  3. Sangre y Lagrimas
  4. Where Ya Been
  5. I Believe
  6. The Title of This Song
  7. Four on the Floor
  8. One World
  9. Disfrute
  10. Jean-Marie
  11. Wooky Do