The Silos - This Highway is a Circle Download

2006 - Blue Rose Records

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Recorded live at the Red River Saloon in Heilbronn, Germany on April 20, 2006. Mixed and Mastered by Andy Horn at The Red Room, Berolzheim, Germany.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Drew Glackin, and Konrad Meissner.

Track Listing

  1. Behind Me Now
  2. Tell Me You Love Me
  3. I Won You Won
  4. Miles Away
  5. Caroline
  6. Never Leaving
  7. People Are Right
  8. Innocent
  9. More For Free
  10. Come On Like the Fast Lane
  11. The First Move
  12. The Only Love
  13. I'm Straight
  14. Get Out
  15. Start the Clock