Walter Salas-Humara - Lean Download

Walter Salas-Humara live at the Cactus Cafe in Austin, Texas, on April 23, 1993.

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On April 23, 1993, a wonderful night of music and song was witnessed by a appreciative crowd at one of the United States premier acoustic venues . Now you can experience it too. This recording contains some of Walter's best material performed with intimacy and power by some of Austin's finest musicians alongside Walter and Manny.

First Release: 1993 Return to Sender (Normal Records Mail Order).

Recorded by Walter Morgan for KUTFM, University of Texas.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Manuel Verzosa, Richard Brotherton, Scott Garber, Kris McKay, and Ignacio Salas-Humara.

Cover Photo: Tom Freund. Cover Design: Olaf Meyer.

Track Listing

  1. Find Someone
  2. The Sounds Next Door
  3. Margaret
  4. Caroline
  5. All She Wrote
  6. All I Know Is Your Name
  7. The Only Story I Tell
  8. Find A Way
  9. Upside Down Instead
  10. Susan Across The Ocean
  11. Going Round
  12. Tennessee Fire