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1999 - Last Call Records (France)

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Woozy is the brainchild of songwriters Walter Salas-Humara and Dave Bassett. Smashing together multiple instrumentation, styles of music, and production, they create a sound that is at once familiar and thoroughly modern.

First release: April 1999 Last Call Records, France.

Produced and Recorded by Dave Bassett and Walter Salas-Humara at Chateau Relaxeau.

Musicians: Dave Bassett and Walter Salas-Humara.

Cover Art and Design: Tanya Hotton.

Track Listing

  1. I Stay Quiet
  2. Ride Over
  3. Miles Of Roses
  4. Russians In Chinatown
  5. Across The Evening
  6. I Walk The Mole
  7. Pack Of Dogs
  8. This Is My Moon
  9. Four On The Floor
  10. Earning You