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1993 - Blue Million Miles Records (Germany)

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They were never supposed to be a band. Michael Hall had attended the Berlin Independence Days Festival and wanted to return the following year, but the festival had a rule against performers playing two years in a row. In a desperate phone call to the Festival booker, he insisted he had a new band with his friends Alejandro Escovedo and Walter Salas-Humara. The booker liked the idea and asked what was the name of this new band. Michael mouthed the first two words that came into his mind, "The Setters". Upon hanging up with Berlin, Michael called his two buddies and asked if they wanted a free ticket to Germany. The concert that resulted earned the trio a record deal with the German indy label Blue Million Miles, and a producer in Gurf Morlix. The recording that resulted is raw and stripped down, with Walter using boxes and random household items for drums, and the sessions were mostly in a barn at Loma Ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas with the guitar amps outside in the open air.

First Release: September 1993 Blue Million Miles Records, Germany.

Produced by Gurf Morlix. Mixed by Gurf Morlix and John Hill at Loma Ranch. Recorded by John Hill and Ben Blank at Loma Ranch and Ben Blank Audio

Musicians: Michael Hall, Alejandro Escovedo, Walter Salas-Humara, Scott Garber, Lisa Mednick and Gurf Morlix.

Cover Art: Eric Jackson. Cover Design: Jessie Jones.

Track Listing

  1. Shaking All Over the Place (Salas-Humara, Manuel Verzosa)
  2. It's Hard (Escovedo)
  3. Don't Love Me Wisely (Hall)
  4. Susan Across the Ocean (Salas-Humara)
  5. Let's Take Some Drugs and Drive Around (Hall)
  6. She's Got (Escovedo)
  7. Nothing's Gonna Last (Salas-Humara)
  8. Helpless (Escovedo)
  9. River of Love (Hall)
  10. Tell Me Why (Escovedo)
  11. Hook in My Lip (Salas-Humara)
  12. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Asheton, Osterberg, Asheton, Alexander)
  13. A Better Place (Hall)