The Silos - The Silos CD (In original retail long box)

1990 - RCA Records

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Recorded in a small town theater in Gainesville, Florida, The One With The Bird On The Cover exists as a beacon of the power of pure sound. No sound processing of any kind was used on this album. The band played live and used the many spaces of the theater building, the stage, the hallways, the lobby and bathrooms for different room sounds, not effects boxes in a studio after the fact. The One With The Bird On The Cover was wildly critically acclaimed and led to an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman. Its spacious, organic quality made it seem out of place in 1990; however, looking back at the album from within the alt-country glow of the decade's end, The One With The Bird On The Cover resonates like the work of visionaries.

First Release: March 1990 RCA Records.

Produced by Peter Moore, Walter Salas-Humara and Bob Rupe. Mixed by Peter Moore at Eastern Sound. Mastered by Peter Moore at M.D.I.. Recorded at The Florida Theater, Gainesville by Peter Moore and Peter Yanilos.

Musicians: Walter Salas-Humara, Bob Rupe, J.D. Foster, Brian Doherty and Kenny Margolis with Amy Allison, John Francom, Art Jennings, Helen Kirklin, Julian Knight, Dan Rupersburg, Bill Stephensen, Moe Wozniak and Garo Yellin

Cover Design: Ria Lewerke.

Track Listing

  1. Caroline
  2. Picture of Helen
  3. Commodore Peter
  4. Anyway You Choose Me
  5. Maybe Everything
  6. I'm Over You
  7. Take My Country Back
  8. We'll Go Out of Town
  9. Don't Talk That Way
  10. The Only Story I Tell
  11. Porque No
  12. Here's To You