Hope Earrings - Sterling Silver

In 2019, during our miscarriage, I received a pair of earrings with the word “hope” on them. A friend of mine originally bought them for herself as she struggled with infertility and unexpectedly lost her father.

 My friend decided to pass her "hope" onto me when she found out she was pregnant after four years of IVF, which was around the same time we lost our baby. She told me to wear the earrings until I found my hope and then pass them along to the next person who needed it.

A year and a half later and about halfway through my second pregnancy, a close friend of mine suffered a miscarriage, then tragically lost her mom a few weeks later. I passed my "hope" earrings onto her.

Whether it's the loss of a child or something else life throws your way, inevitably at some point we all need hope. We created these earrings with Atlanta-based jeweler Brown & Co. in an effort to spread our hope to others. They are offered in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold options.

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