World Turning CD

Released 1993, Rounder Records

With his command of various banjo styles, a distinctive writing style and a fearless approach to the instrument, Tony Trischka remains one of the most creative and imaginative banjo players in the world today. This album, a history (of sorts) of the banjo in America (with a nod to it's African roots), features Farm Report (with Horsefly Richie Stearns), and collaborations with the Violent Femmes, Bill Berry and Peter Buck of REM, Syd Straw, William S. Burroughs, Matt Glaser, David Grisman, Van Dyke Parks, Alison Krauss and Dudley Connell. For sheer variety and imagination, this is one of the finest, most successfully realized albums of Trischka's career.

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Track Listing

1.Alfa Ya Ya
2.Keemo Kimo/Circus Jig
3.The Boatman's Dance/Over The Mountains
4.Dan Tucker/Get Along John/Briggs Jig
5.Ladies Of Refinement
6.Benko's Ra (A Magyar Fantasy)
7.Booth Shot Lincoln
9.World Turning
10.Ditzy & Zesty
11.West Point Of The Eno
12.Sun Prairie
13.If Animals Could Talk
15.Down In The Cider House