Maps For The Modern World (Paperback)

5" x 8" - paperback - 160 pages - released April 6, 2021

Move Fearlessly Toward Your Dreams

Singer-songwriter Valerie June issues a poetic call for mindfulness, creativity, and analog real-world connection in an increasingly disconnected world with her debut poetry collection, Maps for the Modern World.

June’s collection of lyrical poems and authentic illustrations portray the significance of cultivating community, awareness, and harmony with our surroundings as we fearlessly approach our dreams. Touching on themes of consciousness, loss, healing, and the responsibilities we share for one another and the world around us, Maps for the Modern World is a book for lovers of poetry and seekers alike.

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About the author

Valerie June Hockett is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Tennessee. She’s been hailed by the New York Times as one of America’s “most intriguing, fully formed new talents.” She has recorded two critically acclaimed, bestselling solo albums and has also written songs for legendary artists such as Mavis Staples and The Blind Boys of Alabama. When she’s not touring, June splits her time between Tennessee and New York. This is her very first book.